Dwell Care Safety Protocols for COVID-19

For thousands of families in the Portland area, home care assistance is an essential component to their health, safety, and daily well-being.

Our team at Dwell Care has been working around the clock to develop new protocols, technology, and training to reduce the spread of coronavirus and support the health of our clients and Care Professionals.
How the Dwell Care team excels in taking the health and safety of your loved ones seriously:

Integrated Care Team

If a Care Pro reports symptoms, we immediately substitute them with another qualified Care Pro and notify the client’s family.


Advanced Protocols

Before returning to work after an illness, a Care Pro must follow our clearance process, in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Experts in Care

Our expert care management team is available 24/7 to handle any urgent client situations.

At Dwell Care, we created a new update in our Mobile APP that prompts all of our caregivers to be screened for these symptoms before they start their shift.

We also have been operating with a strong illness policy that ensures that they don’t show up if they are even slightly experiencing any symptoms.



Since we employ many amazing caregivers, there is always another trained caregiver to ensure the continuity of care.